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Choral Risers

Welcome to a more comfortable world!

In a world of narrow, cramped choral risers, Staging Canadell Choral Risers have widened the playing field.  Our Choral Risers treads are a full 21” deep – that’s 3 full inches deeper than the treads on most of the risers on the market today. Singers will have room to hold their sheet music properly and even have space to perform a little choreography.

Set up and take down is as easy as 1 2 3!

No other collapsible, folding choral riser is this easy to set up! One person is all it takes. Students can, and often do, help set up Staging Canadell Risers. Try that with a spring loaded riser!

Choral Riser Set Up :

1. Roll riser to desired location
2. Unfold legs of top tier, lock into place and unfold top tier
3. Unfold legs of bottom tier, lock into place and unfold bottom tier

Fourth Step Addition available with its own folding legs; simply clamp on to third step for easy set up.

Risers stack and nest for convenient, compact storage.

Client Testimonials

“Then we performed on your risers.  What a difference it made and what fun!  Our show this spring is pretty lively and our singers like to move.  These risers were so rock solid that we had people going “over the top” on their moves and the risers did not even budge!  Our singers kept commenting on how deep the riser treads were… Our director… told me that this riser system will make us a better choir because the singers have more confidence on these risers”

Dave Klosterman, Conchords Chorale, Tualatin, OR