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Customer Testimonials

“Again, thank you so much for your willingness to go the extra mile and, quite literally, provide crucial supportfor the production. Everything arrived in beautiful condition, ontime, ready to go, and fit our specs exactly. It was such a pleasure to work with your entire team.

It was the one element of the production I knew I didn’t need to worry about, plan around, or try and tweak at the last minute – it worked fabulously.”

Adam Burwash, Centre Street Church, Calgary, AB

“It has been a pleasure dealing with you throughout thisproject – and I have asked Bonnie (Principal) how soon we can purchase another of your products…. great companieswith great customer service are hard to find.”

Mike Part , Glen Allan Elementary
Sherwood Park, AB

“Readystages are the best product I have brought into my department! Withthe ease of set up, mobility and the sophisticated look, they were a natural fit for our quality of hotel. I look forward to ordering more of this product to reduce my labour and improve my profits.”

James Haywood, Banqu et Manager,
Delta Bessborough, Saskatoon, SK

“We use the Legacy (Duchess) Staging for our graduation ceremonies on campus. I’m pleased withthe ease of setting up theentire system.

Jay Pennicke, Ventura College, Ventura CA

Regarding an 8 tiered extended height layout:

“It worked beautifully and looked so smart. The chairs and risers came down and were put away in only 1.5 hours. Brilliant!”

Gregg Perry, Shawnigan Lake School
Shawnigan Lake, BC

“Yes I am very pleased with the staging. Already thisyear they have served for grad, spring concert, school performances,and teacher retirement celebrationat the school and an honor band performance, and we’ve only had them from you for what, just over a month? Very pleased…..I will refer away!

Al Lechelt, Band Director,
Bashaw High School, Bashaw, AB

The staging arrived safely and quickly. The quality of the staging and fittings is exceptional.  I was very impressed.  This stage should last us many, many years.

John Hibberson,
Midway and Beyond Little Theatre, Midway, BC

The stage arrived and it’s pretty awesome!  Thanks for the quality Canadian product!

Gateway at SAIT, Calgary, AB

I am writing to commend you on your excellent customer service.  Thank you very much for listening and understanding….
Since receiving the equipment, we have used it several times, and it has been great!  My experience with Canadell has been more than pleasant, and I attribute much of it to your friendly and helpful disposition.

University of Calgary, Calgary, AB

“….we love the stage.  It is easy to put together and it is getting used way more than we ever thought, more and more groups are requesting the stage and now we need some more staging because our Band wants to set up on the entire Band for their Spring Concert.

James Fowler School, Calgary, AB

“This stage is perfect.  Just brought it to its first event and it’s everything we were hoping for.

Kettner Creative, Langley, BC

“Since purchasing our stage from Staging Canadell our performances and events
have had a first class platform to work from.  The Ramp brought us up to
AODA standards, and our setup crews love it for loading in and out.  The
railing system works fast and firm, ensuring the safety of our employees,
guests and performers. ”

Norfolk County Fair & Horse Show, Simcoe, ON

“As you are aware we have your “Executive Stage” at the 40” height.  We have with this stage the adjustable drape, Skirting, Stairs, railings and all storage carts… We love our stage.  The light weight design with the proper storage carts and easy assembly make it so versatile.  It is easy to transport, set-up and take down.  We can accommodate many designs as needed.  We can making it any shape or size.  It’s been a great investment for our City.
So we have now used your product for the following events;
–  Concerts
–  Graduations
–  Canada Day Event
–  Citizenship Ceremonies
–  Santa Clause
–  Fashion Shows ”

City of Brooks, Brooks, AB

“We just love our new stage from Staging Canadell!  We have 6- 4×8 sections, and it is perfect in our space.  Our venue is very busy, and we have many different types of events. This staging system allows for easy set up and tear down, and moving the stage from one spot to another within our room is easier and more importantly safer for our staff, which was a big problem with our previous stage.

We have had events from meetings, to concerts, to guest speakers, and more, but I have to admit my favorite one so far with the new stage was our 2014 Halloween youth dance. The kids loved the stage, and we felt it was safe enough to allow them to dance on the stage and have the spotlight. All the kids took turns.  Thanks for making our facility look more professional, and safer for our users.”

Municipality of Arran Elderslie

“We use two 6’ choral risers for our Newman Sounds Glee Club and they have been fantastic.  They allow us to make much better use of our small stage and they are easy enough to move and set up that the students do it themselves.  The platforms are stable and roomy enough for our active glee club. Thanks for a great product!”

Richard Medernach, St. Thomas Moore College Student Services, Saskatoon, SK

“We have had our choir risers for two years and we are very impressed with them. We requested a custom height to bring the choir up higher and Staging Canadell was quick to accommodate our request and provided us with a solution that works well and looks fantastic! They are elegant, sturdy and quiet. Thanks for a great product!“”

Ryan Warkentin, Southland Church, Steinback, MB

“We have had a pair of READYSTAGE 4×8/8” for the past 7 years. We use them in our TV Production and Broadcast Journalism courses here at Glen Cove High School. So many different people have been interviewed on these stages; Students, staff, administrators, community members, visiting guests.

Three years ago, we interviewed 11 Holocaust Survivors on these stages to document their stories. Those videos are currently in the archives at the Holocaust Memorial & Tolerance Center of Nassau County.  Last year we interviewed several WWII vets on these stages. Those videos are being edited for archival purposes at The American Legion.

Your stages have been in constant use in our studio for the past 7 years and have never failed us.  Thanks very much.

Chris Barry, Glen Cove Schools

“Purchasing an Executive Stage from Staging Canadell has been a game changer for my business.  I’m a solo country performer, playing in bars in Southern Ontario and my stage is so important to my act.  The stage allows me to get off the floor and connect with the entire venue rather than just the people directly in front of me (I’m a short guy so this is very important).  It also creates my own “space” which means no more dancers falling into my microphone stand and almost knocking my teeth out.  It is sleek and professional looking…it has literally raised my show and presence in a room to another level.  Also, service and delivery could not have been smoother.  I highly recommend!!”

Glenn Groves

“Since purchasing staging platforms from you a year ago we have flipped our venue from a proscenium house to a theatre-in-the round house five (5) times with great ease in both dismantle and installation, due to the terrific design of the Staging Canadell panels and support systems. Storage, when not in use is efficient, my labour bill has been kept low due simple I&D, and since they are a standard panel I have been able to utilise them elsewhere in the venue when needed. And the custom support sections fabricated by your shop to meet our specific ‘cross-over’ needs are smart and easy and keep Stage Management happy (and isn’t that what it’s all about?).

I have and will recommend Staging Canadell to any colleague in the GTHL looking for new staging and invite them to the Young Centre for the Performing Arts to see ours.”

LJ Savage, Young Centre for the Performing Arts

“We’ve had our risers for our choir for about a year now, and they are fantastic! Just last week we were part of a five-choir extravaganza here in Penticton, BC; we loaded up these risers with a lot more bodies than usual when all five choirs loaded up to sing one mass number, and they are solid as a rock.  Of course, I had climbed underneath and tightened everything beforehand just to be sure!  We consistently get compliments from the groups who have used them as to how secure they feel, and a confident choir sounds better if we’re not worried about the stability of our risers!  Denise and the design folks did an amazing job responding to some very specific space requirements we had, as we were going to house them in a local church (for their use on Sundays and for other performing groups).  We couldn’t be happier with this investment, and know that it will pay musical dividends for years to come!  Thanks so much for a wonderful made-in-Canada quality solution!”

Karen Henderson, Naramata Community Choir

“I wanted to give a heartfelt thanks for the service and assistance provided by yourself and Canadell.  I will share this story with you about how your staging product made a massive difference in our efforts to give the gym a much needed face-lift.  We have been struggling for years to make our stage look nice and in one small move (with the assistance of the staging package) we took our production level up to our highest level ever.  Thanks!  Despite some shipment delays in our second order we managed to take what we had and run with it.  Our final event this year being the Christmas concert held Dec. 17th, 2014.  The validation of our decision to spend the amount of money we did was evident from the reception our community gave us.  The parents and elders loved the stage and we are happy to report our biggest turn out in the six years that I have been at the school.  Overall I am more than pleased with the purchase, the service, and the willingness of yourself and Canadell to help out Stony Rapids Community School.  Often times the logistics of our location makes it a challenge for companies (some are even unwilling to sell to us) however this has never been the case.  Thanks again and we hope to continue our business with you into 2015 and beyond.”

Shawn Morris

“Woking School is a very small rural school in northern Alberta.  We are a Kindergarten to Grade Eight School with a present student population of 52 students.  We are located 45 minutes north of Grande Prairie. Our previous stage was a very cumbersome portable stage made of  2×4’s and pressed board in 4×8 sections which had to be stored in a large outdoor shed because of its bulkiness.  As you can imagine, it was very heavy and a real chore to assemble.  Last year, our school canvassed local oil companies for some financial assistance to purchase a new stage and we received enough donations to partially fund the new stage.  How easy it is to set up the new stage in comparison to the old stage and storage is now in the school which is also very convenient.

Jody Hardy, Woking School

“We bought Canadell risers for our McManus Studio Theatre in 2012. The McManus Studio is a six-sided black box theatre which is used for many productions and events with the risers configured in proscenium setting and in the round setting generally.  Sometimes we clear the room entirely.  The set up and take down of the risers is easy and the carts that the risers store on are fabulous.  Since 2012 we have shown off our risers to other organizations such as Fanshawe College in London and Soulpepper in Toronto and I am happy to say that both organizations went on to purchase the same risers for their theatres!  Thank you Staging Canadell for all your help!”

Andrea, Grand Theatre McManus Studio

We have a full 18 pieces of the executive staging that got quiet a few different uses this year, first we had high school graduation, some local concerts, it was used for a funeral in a neighboring Town. We used it for our big gospel jamboree (where we had to rent 10 more pieces from saskatoon) it was just used in November for a large community dinner theater. Attached are some photos from the gospel jamboree which headlined High Valley and Diamond Rio.

Ron Phillips, Director of Parks & Facilities, Town of Shaunavon

“We have started ordering our staging products from Staging Canadell about a year ago now, In the past we have had old heavy staging that is tough to tie together. Now we have 24 executive pieces of staging and all our eighteen schools are requesting the Canadell set up.  The service we have got from you guys has been top notch and we will be purchasing more in the future as our budget permits.”

Jason Miller, Facilities Project Coordinator, Hanover School Division

“We had our first Choir performance just this past week. We are thrilled that we received the risers in perfect condition and that they were delivered as scheduled! Our school choir looked amazing on the tapered risers and their voices carried beautifully in our gymnasium. Thank you for all your help!”

Mary, Sacred Heart of Jesus School, Burlington, ON

“The Dekker Centre has a total of 12 executive risers that get split between our two rooms. Having the racks makes them easy to store and move to the desired area. They get used for a variety of purposes throughout the year. We have found that the community groups that use our facility really enjoy the numerous configurations that can be provided. The one set of risers we store on our stage get used with the bands that come through as a drum riser and with the local and touring choirs that come through such as the Vienna boys choir that used them during their performance last year. The other rack of risers gets used in our hall/banquet room and get used for the variety of conferences and galas for their speeches and presentations, and come this Spring, it will be used for the first time in that space as the staging for theatre in the round. Having the different sized legs allows the director to have different levels of playing space. The risers also get used for festival of trees, along with other small meetings that happen in our lobby. Overall we are very pleased with the performance, durability, and ease of use of your product.”

John Dyck, Technical Director, Dekker Centre, North Battleford, SK

“I would like to thank Staging Canadell for their excellent customer service, and share how the choral risers have improved our concert experiences.
Carievale school is a small school of around 100 students, our school community council implemented an independent music program for all of our students and perform concerts regularly.
If you can imagine 100 students don’t fit well on a stage alone, but with the choral risers our students are safe and secure, visible to all the spectators and sound quality has vastly improved.
We have even used the risers for seating during sporting events, light weight, portable, and fold up easily for storage, and affordable, they have become a great asset for our small school!”

Laura Stanley, Carievale School Community Council

“The Mile Zero Regional Multiplex Society purchased pipe and drape approximately 5 years ago in order to enhance what the facility has to offer our residents and the types of events that can be hosted. The Society plans an annual Christmas Market for home based businesses as a fundraiser. The first market had 90 spaces available for vendors and this year we had 120 spaces available to 94 different vendors. Our market is very well attended by vendors and shoppers alike due to the professional set up as a result of the pipe and drape that we purchased from Staging Canadell.
We have also utilized our pipe and drape in conjunction with the Executive Stage that we purchased for many concerts and trade shows allowing us to host first class in a professional manner.
Our experience in dealing with Staging Canadell has been wonderful as they are very prompt and helpful whenever we require assistance.”

Tanya Wearden, Mile Zero Regional Multiplex Society

“Your Company is truly great, not only for such a great product but also wonderful after-sales support…. The afternoon performance of our play was a roaring success, and everyone commented on how good the new stage was.

Terry Dyche, Villages of Long Point Bay, Port Rowan, ON

“Having setup a lot of stages I would do whatever was needed to have the decks on carts.  The east to move the decks into position as you put the legs on makes the price of the cart seem like a deal the first time you use them.  Also being able to wheel the cart into place, put the deck on the cart and then take off the legs makes taking down the stage a real treat.”

Dave Ruff, Unique Communications, Calgary, AB