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Executive Staging

Lightweight, affordable, easy to set up…all in one complete package.

staging products

A flexible, modular system designed to meet a variety of needs.

The Executive Stage system is strong, lightweight to transport, and easy to reconfigure. Interchangeable legs make it easy to create a level, multilevel or tiered stage. The Executive Stage can fulfill virtually all your staging needs.

With the highest load rating in the industry, our focus on durability ensures our products will stand up to constant use for years to come.

Today’s performance facilities all face a common challenge. There are more demands placed on them and they have tighter budgets to meet these demands. The Executive Stage was specifically designed to solve this problem. It is easy to reconfigure, strong – yet lightweight and has interchangeable legs that make it easy to create a flat stage or tiered system. Staging Canadell equipment is made to exceed industry standards for safety and stability while still being lightweight and economically priced.


Executive Platforms make it easy to create any type of stage you need. It can be reconfigured into a stage, runway, speaker platform or create seated risers simply by using legs of various heights.

250 lb/sqft live load rating
Six interchangeable 2” square anodized aluminum legs and center support eliminating deflection and bounce
Lightweight at 100 lbs per 4’ x 8’ platform
• Solid construction with 3/4” plywood deck and 3 5/8” deep anodized aluminum frame that wraps the deck top and bottom

• Legs attach quickly and securely with no tools requiredLegs attach quickly and securely without tools
Interchangeable legs allow for additional stage heights or tiered seating by using extra leg sets
• Fine adjustable leg and telescoping leg
• Platforms and legs are stored compactly on an Executive Storage Cart
• Available in either standard Grey Carpet Top StageTops(other colors also available) or Black Top surfacing
Black Top: High density textured skid/scuff resistant phenolic overlay on top of stage and smooth surfaced phenolic overlay back providing a durable weather resistant surface
• Executive Quick Release Pin provides a positive, secure lock
• Ten Year Warranty

Executive Stage Decks Available:

4’ x 8’ (requires set of 6 legs)
4’ x 6’ (requires set of 6 legs)
4’ x 4’ (requires set of 4 legs)
3’ x 8’ (requires set of 6 legs)
3’ x 6’ (requires set of 6 legs)

Custom Decks:

Click here to be redirected to the Executive Stage Custom Design page or contact us for custom deck sizes.

Stage Heights Available:

8”, 16”, 24”, 32”, 40”

Extended Heights Available:

48”, 56”, 64”, 72”

(includes extended height support carriage and cross bracing)

Custom Heights:

Click here to be redirected to the Executive Stage Custom Design page or contact us for custom heights and deck size requirements.

Client Testimonial

“Yes I am very pleased with the staging. Already this year they have served for grad, spring concert, school performances,and teacher retirement celebration at the school and an honor band performance, and we’ve only had them from you for what, just over a month? Very pleased…..I will refer away!

Al Lechelt, Band Director,

Bashaw High School, Bashaw, AB