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Help Centre

Specification Manuals

Executive Stage User Manual

Choral Riser User Manual

Seated Band, Seated Choral, Audience Seating User Manual

Ready Stage User Manual

Legacy Stage User Manual (formerly Duchess Stage)

Accessories User Manual


 Accessories Brochure
 Choral Riser Brochure
Drapery Brochure
 Executive Stage Brochure
Legacy Stage Brochure
Readystage Brochure
Seated Riser Brochure


How to Install Legs (New style)

Executive Stage Clip (ESQRP) Install

Maintaining Corner Clamp

Ready Stage Set Up and Take Down

Setting up a Ready Stage at 24″

How to install legs (old style)

Choral Riser open and close

Seated Riser Leg to Leg Clamp

Seated Riser Chair Stop

How to Install Guardrails

Legacy Stage Set Up

Portable Stage Skirting

Which Stage is Right For You?

Portable Stage Backdrop

Storage Cart