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Which Riser do I need?

Staging Canadell manufactures both a tapered and straight choral riser in two widths (6’and 4’). When determining which product is best for you consider the following:

1) How many performers will I have?
2) Do I want a row on the floor?
3) How much space do I have? (room size)
4) Do I want an arc or straight riser system?
5) What is my budget?

What is a Tapered riser?

A tapered riser is a riser that is cut at 10 degree’s on both sides allowing you to build an arced or horseshoe configuration.

Can I use Tapered and Straight Risers together?

Absolutely, by using a combination of straight and tapered risers you are able to adjust the curve of your layout to suit your needs.

Why would I use a 4’ instead of a 6’ riser?

The most economical riser is our 6’ version and as such is our most popular riser. There are two main reasons to consider a 4’ version. With a shorter length the 4’ version is able to make tighter arcs. If space is an issue sometimes a combination of 6’ and 4’ risers allows you to get the standing capacity you need in a tighter space. The second consideration is mobility. If you need to travel with your risers, weight and length of the riser may be a consideration. The 4’ version is both lighter and fits into tighter spaces.

Are they hard to set up?

Staging Canadell risers are truly a single person set up. Simply roll the riser into position, unfold the legs, lock them into position and lower the levels into place. It doesn’t get any easier.

Other considerations?

1) Safety rails – we offer both back and side safety rails that install using simple to
use rail clamps
2) 4th Step – all 4 models have an optional 4th step, ideal for adding standing
capacity without width to your total layout
3) Tread depth – all Staging Canadell risers constructed with a generous 21” deep
tier (18” is the industry standard). This gives space for movement, song sheets
and safety.

If you would like to talk to a sales and service consultant please call us at our toll free